RETC Nevada Test Center:
Long Term Outdoor Product Performance, Energy Production and Durability Validation


RETC Nevada Site Information The site is located about 50 miles east of Las Vegas inside the VEA facility.  The site address is: 800 E Hwy 372, Pahrump, NV 89048. The nearest airport is Las Vegas McCarran International Airport with daily flights from all bay area airports. The travel time from the airport to the test site is about 1 hour.  The site coordinates are: (36.206, -116.002) or (+36 degrees 12' 23.26", -116 degrees 0' 6.78")

Weather Information
The weather is typical southwest desert pattern. The weather is typically very hot in the summer months with typical cool nights.  The soiling consists mostly of dust/sand which gets washed out very easily with water. Almost no oil residues are left after the infrequent rains, or after wash cycles. There are wind advisories  for gusts of up to 90 MPH during spring. Summer months can have some dust storms that usually last one to a few hours. The monthly daily sun times are noted in the chart below.

Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times

NREL Annual Photovoltaic Solar Resource

RETC Nevada Open and Improved Space

A fully improved open land conducive for different types of racking systems or trackers, can be provided for the installation of the panels
The space will also accommodate all additional equipment necessary for the operation and monitoring of the string performance for the duration of the testing.
RETC site is located at VEA, the Local Utility company with 24/7 security service and foot patrol. Completely fenced in and improved, ready for behind the fence installation and testing of PV panels including BOS such as inverters, trackers, DAQ / monitoring systems

Fencing and access control In order to ensure confidentiality and IP protection, the area is fenced in and access is restricted to customers unless escorted by RETC personnel.

Electrical and IT requirements
- Grid connection
- Datalogging
- Internet connection