The Thresher Test


"The Thresher Test Protocol was developed specifically to create a de facto accelerated testing protocol which would provide buyers of PV modules with a set of apples-to-apples long-term reliability data to use in their PV buying decisions.“

The genesis of the TTP was sparked by:

•the absence of established and accepted accelerated test of a module's long term performance and reliability. Therefore, many manufacturers have proprietary testing regimens, and are using their in-house testing to ensure that their products will hold up well overtime (25+ years), as well as to privately test their competitors' modules for internal benchmarking.

•several module manufacturers are spending a considerable amount of time and money on quality, and are not able to monetize that quality given the perceived "commoditization" of the PV module market.

•the desire of sophisticated Project Developers looking to validate this quality (in terms of long-term performance expectations) with one standardized test protocol that could be consistently implemented by independent authorities or 3rd Party Labs.

•concerns of Project Developers / Owner-Operators about the dependability of their energy yield models in 10-25 years (the years beyond the IEC61215 testing schema).

•buyers’ wish “that there is a standardized accelerated testing to much longer cycle times, beyond IEC 61215, to separate the wheat from the chaff.”