RETC Confirms Substantial Improvement in Hail Resistance on NEXTracker’s Next Generation Control system for Utility-Scale Solar Power Plants

FREMONT, Calif., February 4, 2020 — RETC is proud to have supported NEXTracker in the evaluation of their next generation control system for utility-scale PV applications.  During an anticipated hailstorm, the NX Navigator control system can be controlled to rotate to a more off-angle (60 degrees) resting position from expected hail, resulting in less potential damage to the PV modules at the site.

When the NEXTracker Navigator system is put in a 60 degree stow position and away from direct hail impact, it can drastically reduce hail impact related module breakage, as it was characterized at RETC’s labs using our calibrated hail cannon system.  Testing showed up to a 3x increase in the hail impact energy required to break conventional PV modules, which will significantly reduce the damage potential of the PV array in these extreme weather conditions.  Additional details regarding this exciting product announcement and RETC’s role in characterization can be found here. (READ MORE)

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