RETC Partners with Water Mission to provide Access to Clean Safe Water

A Powerful Partnership Between RETC and Water Mission

Water source for families in Obeyeie Ghana. Seen here are Children getting water from the local lake.

Water Mission, a Christian engineering nonprofit, has provided over 3 million people access to safe water since 2001. Based in Charleston, SC, Water Mission empowers communities in 53 countries around the world to break the cycle of poverty fueled by unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.
Over the past three years, Water Mission and its partners have implemented numerous projects which were made possible by the generous donations of the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC). Having donated approximately 240,000 watts of solar energy to date, RETC has enabled Water Mission to pump life-giving water to nearly half a million people.

PV System for Clean Water Pumping in Los Angeles, Honduras

One project made possible by RETC is in the community of Obeyeie, Ghana, and is being served by Safe Water Network, a Water Mission partner. The water source for this community is more than 500m away and requires significant treatment in order to be safe for drinking.

Supported by Water Mission’s engineering staff, the team from Safe Water Network designed a six-panel solar array that pumps 40,000 liters of treated, safe water to Obeyeie every day. Now, community members, usually women and children, have a much shorter walk to gather water for their families and the assurance that the water will not result in further illness.
Water Mission, Safe Water Network, and many other implementation partners look forward to an ongoing partnership with RETC. Thank you for continuing to provide safe water to people in need around the world!

RETC, in partnership with our customers, have provided PV modules, which would have otherwise been destroyed and recycled, to communities in need. With our help and the generous donations made possible through our helping hands and the incredible work of Water Mission, we are able to make a positive impact on people’s lives worldwide!


Koiwatatuk, Kenya – The system behind the taps
Bellanger, Haiti – Installing the SolarWorld panels.


SOLARWORLD Bellanger, Haiti
PV System for Clean Water Pumping in Los Angeles, Honduras

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