RETC Announces the 2020 PV Module Index

RETC is proud to present the second annual PVMI report, a yearly compilation of
reliability, performance, and quality indices generated by RETC with leading PV module manufacturers.

Bringing Value from R&D to
Market Entry to Bankability

PV Engineering Testing

IEC-UL Certification

Outdoor Testing


Site Commissioning

Accelerated UV

Salt Spray

Reliability and Durability

Hail, Snow, Hurricane

Salty Outdoor Conditions

Rain (Wet/Cold) and UV (Hot) over time

BOS Testing

Racks / Trackers

Cells, Modules, Panels

Inverters and Micro-Inverters

Connectors, Cables, Junction Boxes

Encapsulants, Superstrates and Substrates

Complete System Testing

CPV Concentration Rating

Soiling Effects

Energy Yield

SAM Model Generation

NOCT and Temperature Coefficients


Enabling World-Wide Customers to attain unequaled Time-to-Market


RETC, LLC is a leading engineering services and certification testing provider for renewable energy products headquartered in Fremont, CA. RETC puts customers at the forefront while bringing value at all stages—from research and development, market-entry, to bankability. Since its founding in 2009, manufacturers, developers, and investors have partnered with RETC to test products from a broad range of modules, inverter, storage, and racking manufacturers. Only the latest testing standards and industry-accepted methods of vetting products are used in RETC labs. RETC is united by the belief that our work is enabling a safer and more sustainable future.


RETC brings value from R&D - to Market Entry - to Bankability, focusing on providing "Unequaled Time-to-Market" as a key component of Customer Value-Chain. We want to help people bring ideas to life that will benefit us all. We believe in early customer engagement to help ensure a smooth product certification and new product introduction (NPI) process.