EPBI/CEC Listing


RETC is one of the short list of PV Test Laboratories qualified to perform parametric testing for:

1. ePBI for California Energy Commission, module performance CEC Listing In order to receive incentives
from the Go Solar California solar initiative
program, the respective PV modules have to be listed per the Energy
Commission's Senate Bill 1 (SB1) Guidelines.

The guidelines also included a major shift in the way solar incentives were calculated - away from a
system that funded solar incentives based only on nameplate capacity and towards one where
incentive levels are based on performance factors such as installation angle, tilt, and location. This
performance framework ensures that California is generating clean solar energy and rewarding
systems that can provide maximum solar generation.

Beginning July 1, 2009, only modules which are on the SB1 Guidelines compliant module list will be
eligible for incentives in California. All module manufacturers had to provide updated and verified
third-party laboratory-tested data (per Appendix I of the Guidelines for California's Solar Electric
Incentive Programs, Second Edition) in order to stay on the eligible module list. Manufacturers who
have not been able to deliver the laboratory test-data in time or not complete are not listed anymore
and those products are not eligible for incentives from the ;Go Solar California” solar initiative.
After July 1, 2009, if a California solar electric incentive program uses PTC values, the SB1
Guidelines compliant and updated PTC values must be used for new reservation applications.

2. Australia: Clean Energy Council AS5033 Compliant Module testing

PV modules installed in Australia must be certified and approved to AS/NZS 5033 photovoltaic installations
regardless of whether a rebate is sought. This standard is called up by AS3000 which is legislated in each state.
Section 4 states that modules shall be compliant with IEC/EN 61730 AND either IEC/EN 61215 or IEC/EN 61646.
This was enforced effective 1 June 2009. PV systems above 50 volts (open circuit) or 240 Watts
must meet Application Class A of IEC/EN61730.

The Clean Energy Council maintains the database and website listing of AS 5033 compliant PV modules.
The list shows the licence holder, model number and power rating of each approved module.
This should correspond directly with the module label.
The modules should be advertised and sold under the same name and model numbers.
Brand names which are owned by the certificate holder can be shown in brackets on the website listing.
Brand names should only be used in association with the certificate holder name.
The modules are always listed on the AS5033 compliant modules list under the certificate holder name,
and the model numbers shown on the certificate. or distributors branding OEM products must obtain a certificate
in their own name showing their product numbers, offered for sale in Australia.