Accelerated Ultraviolet Exposure Test


High UV irradiation intensity speeds up weather durability testing 30 times or greater UV irradiation intensity than conventional weatherometers.
Material quality is steadily improving, but the demand for products to survive prolonged outdoor exposure continues to expand. Artificially accelerated weather-durability testing is essential to enable the development of new materials within a reasonable time frame.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT)

Metal halide based high-output UV lamp delivers 10 times the acceleration of typical weathering chambers, dramatically shortening life cycle testing. This unique technology compresses years of detrimental UV radiation effects into just weeks of testing, allowing rapid verification of designs and significantly shortening product development time.

Correlated Acceleration

Can generate 30 times natural sunlight UV energy (UVA/UVB) to provide acceleration factors greater than 100, correlated to outdoor exposure. Product design problems and marginal components can be discovered and corrected during product development to achieve improved customer satisfaction and reduced warranty costs.
Target weathering parameters such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV power, rest (night time), and cycle/duration timing can be defined and are programmable.